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a hepatologie

Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Open-Access Policy

The rules of open access
The journal provides open access to its content on the principle that free access to the results of research supports the global exchange of knowledge. The articles are freely available. The open access model can maximise the value of the journal for authors and readers.

Permanent archiving of articles is ensured by the services of the digital archive of the National Medical Library in the Kramerius system  This digital archive is linked to the Bibliographia Medica Čechoslovaca databases, so the user can easily get to the full text of the article sought.
The conditions for access to users’ documents are given by a license agreement that permits the disclosure of full texts immediately.
Thanks to the permanent archive of the National Medical Library the journal’s continuity is ensured and access to older volumes of full texts is secured, even in the case of change a of the journal’s publisher.

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