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a hepatologie

Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Gastroent Hepatol 2011; 65(6): 348-353.

Virtual simulator for digestive endoscopy

Jan Bureš  1, Stanislav Rejchrt  2, Ilja Tachecí  1, Tomáš Fejfar  2, Tomáš Douda  2, Marcela Kopáčová  1, Jiří Cyrany2,3

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The virtual reality endoscopy simulator is a highly sophisticated computer device that uses authentic flexible endoscopes and virtual accessories. It aids in the acquisition of basic endoscopy skills and initial training in gastroscopy, colonoscopy and ERCP. Simulation-based training is an important part of the education of endoscopy novices. In contrast to training carried out directly on patients, a virtual simulator allows initial training in digestive endoscopy while preventing potential discomfort and possible risk to patients.


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