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Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Gastroent Hepatol 2021; 75(4): 311–322. doi:10.48095/ccgh2021311.

The impact of sarcopenia and myosteatosis in liver transplant candidates on peritransplant course and patient and graft survival

Irena Míková1, Denisa Kyselová1, Dana Kautznerová  2, Marek Tupý2, Marek Kysela3, Věra Lánská  4, Julius Špičák  1, Jiří Froněk  5, Pavel Trunečka6

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Introduction: Sarcopenia (severe muscle depletion) and myosteaosis (pathological fat accumulation in muscle) are frequent muscle abnormalities in patients with cirrhosis associated with unfavorable prognosis. The aim of our study was to evaluate the impact of sarcopenia and myosteatosis in liver transplant (LT) candidates in our center on the peritransplant course and patient and graft survival. Methods: This prospective study included adult LT candidates who underwent clinical and laboratory examination. The skeletal muscle index (SMI) at L3 level and radiodensity of psoas major muscle (PM-RA) were evaluated by CT. Results: Pretransplant sarcopenia was found in 49 of 103 patients (47.6%) and myosteatosis in 53 (51.5%) patients. Patients with sarcopenia had lower BMI, waist circumference, occurrence of hypertension and metabolic syndrome and lower triglyceride and C-peptide levels than patients without sarcopenia. Patients with myosteatosis had higher Child-Pugh score and lower HDL-cholesterol levels than patients without myosteatosis. Pretransplant SMI negatively correlated with the amount of blood transfusions given during LT and occurrence of biliary complications. Patients with myosteatosis had higher need for blood transfusions during LT and after LT, and higher number of surgical revisions. Occurrence of sarcopenia had no significant effect on patient and graft survival. Patients with myosteatosis had worse long-term survival than patients without myosteatosis, the graft survival did not differ. Conclusion: Sarcopenia and myosteatosis are frequent muscle abnormalities in LT candidates with negative impact on peritransplant course. Myosteatosis was associated with a worse long-term survival in our study.

Key words: sarcopenia – myosteatosis – liver transplantation – prevalence – complications – survival


sarcopenia, myosteatosis, liver transplantation, prevalence, complication, survival

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