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Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Gastroent Hepatol 2015; 69(3): 253–254. doi:10.14735/amgh2015253.

Severe disease progression of corticosteroid dependent ulcerative colitis in a young child before the era of biological therapy

Kristýna Zárubová1, Jiří Bronský  2, Katarína Mitrová  3,4

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Colectomy is a treatment option in ulcerative colitis (UC) management in patients with severe UC or pharmacotherapy failure. We present a case of a young patient with severe and corticosteroid dependent UC that was going to be treated with colectomy. However, before deciding to perform the surgery, we successfully used treatment with infliximab, although it was not commonly used in this indication at that time.


infliximab, childhood, colectomy, steroid-dependency, ulcerative colitis

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