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a hepatologie

Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Gastroent Hepatol 2011; 65(3): 149-153.

Hepatocellular carcinoma - diagnosis and treatment from the medical oncology perspective

Jiří Tomášek  , Štěpán Tuček  , Tomáš Andrašina  1

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Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in the Czech Republic represents a small group of tumours. Unlike other countries, in the Czech Republic screening is of limited value. However, it has been recommended by the expert panel for groups at major risk-patients with hepatic cirrhosis and patients with hepatitis B andC. The choice of a method of treatment and its success depend on the extent of the malignant disease and the functional impairment of remaining liver parenchyma. The curative treatment includes surgical resection or radiofrequency ablation, and liver transplantation. The palliative methods proven as effective include trans-arterial chemoembolization(TACE), percutaneous ethanol injection (PEI), and the only systemic treatment, with sorafenib. The diagnostic and therapeutic workup uses a multidisciplinary approach and belongs to specialized centres. Thank to the multidisciplinary approach and the improvement in communication between various institutions, the optimal procedure has become achievable for more patients.


hepatocellular carcinoma, liver transplantation

CSGH 3/2011

Obr. 1: CT vyšetření s kontrastní látkou, arteriální fáze, hypervaskularizované ložisko charakteru HCC v segmentu S6

CSGH 3/2011

Obr. 2: CT vyšetření s kontrastní látkou, portovenózní fáze, hypervaskularizované ložisko charakteru HCC v segmentu S6

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