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Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Gastroent Hepatol 2021; 75(6): 529–534. doi: 10.48095/ccgh2021529.

Diet after bariatric surgery in practice

Karolína Hlavatá1

+ Affiliation


Bariatric-metabolic surgery is associated with many health benefits and improved quality of life. However, the resulting effect largely depends on the patient’s compliance and willingness and ability to adopt a new diet, which is associated with bariatric procedures. A whole team of experts plays an important role in preparing the patient for this change. Appropriately composed diet and adherence to the frequency and size of portions is essential in the prevention of nutritional deficiencies. The bariatric food pyramid is a suitable helper for the implementation of nutritional recommendations.


bariatric plate, hlavní živiny, bariatrická potravinová pyramida

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