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a hepatologie

Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Gastroent Hepatol 2011; 65(4): 211-214.

Autoimmune pancreatitis in a patient with Crohn

Pavel  , Ondřej Urban  1,2, Arnošt Martínek  3,4, Evžen Machytka  5, Pavel Svoboda  3,4

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Autoimmune pancreatitis (AIP) represents a rare form of chronic pancreatitis, which can be associated with other autoimmune diseases. In 20-30% of patients with ductocentric AIP, concurrent inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), more frequently ulcerative colitis (UC), are described. This finding can mimic a malignant tumour of the pancreas and was incorrectly indicated for surgical therapy in the past. Very good response to corticosteroids therapy is characteristic feature for this type of AIP. The authors reported a case of a 37-year old woman with Crohn's disease in whom ductocentric AIP was diagnosed with good and prompt response to corticosteroids therapy.


Crohn’s disease, autoimmune pancreatitis

CSGH 4/2011

Sonografický nález rozvinuté AIP: pankreas je zvětšený, hypoechogenní a má klobásovitý vzhled
Sonographic finding of developed AIP: enlarged and hypoechogenic pancreas ("sausage pancreas")

CSGH 4/2011

Endosonografický obraz těla a kaudy pankreatu. Rozšíření pankreatu, klobásovitý tvar a anechogenní lem
Endosonographic image of the pancreas body and cauda. Pancreas enlargement, sausage shape and anechogenic border

CSGH 4/2011

Sonografický nález po léčbě – normální obraz pankreatu
Sonographic finding after treatment – normal pancreas image

CSGH 4/2011

Endosonografie po léčbě s normálním obrazem pankreatu
Endosonography after treatment with a normal pancreas image

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