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Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Gastroent Hepatol 2017; 71(4): 337–340. doi:10.14735/amgh2017337.

Acute appendicitis – a rare complication of colonoscopy

Tomáš Kadlčík1, Ludvík Straka  1

+ Affiliation


Acute appendicitis induced by colonoscopy is a very rare complication with 0.038% occurrence. Until July, 2016, only 37 cases have been described. The exact relationship between colonoscopy and development of acute appendicitis is not well known, but is probably caused by a combination of factors. The submitted case presents a patient without previous abdominal symptoms, who developed acute appendicitis in 48 hours after non-complicated colonoscopy. A delay in diagnosis caused by self-treatment and late admission to the hospital led to the formation of a periappendicular infiltrate. The patient was treated conservatively with antibiotics and underwent laparoscopic appendectomy almost 4 months later. Only 4 out of 37 described cases of acute appendicitis were treated primarily conservatively. In other cases, where treatment was documented, patients underwent appendectomy as the treatment of first choice. The objective of this report is to point out the occurrence of acute appendicitis as a rare complication of colonoscopy, which nonetheless should be included in the differential diagnosis of abdominal pain after colonoscopy.


apendicitis, endoscopy, colonoscopy

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